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Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 06, 2013
January: Album of the month!pic

January: Album of the month!

My album/EP of this month is Dear Prudence - Valentine! I first heard of Dear Prudence after following lead singer Madi on Instagram and later decided…
Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 05, 2013
Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 04, 2013


A few years ago I went into Lazy Oaf's popup shop in London and needless to say, I fell in love. They're an amazing company…
Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 04, 2013


ASOS have an amazing sale on their sunglasses! QUICK get your awesome sunnies while it's not so hot. I can see some cute outfits on…
Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 04, 2013
Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 04, 2013


Hello and welcome! I've wanted to make a fashion blog for a while, posting style tips, advice, pretty pictures etc etc. I'm new to Buzznet…
Emma Sara
Emma Sara Jan 04, 2013
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